Limited Edition Sexy Car - White Stang

Limited Edition Sexy Car - White Stang

Limited edition sexy car download available to print in sizes A4 - A2.

Colour: White Stang


Want a different number plate? Just choose your colour and let me know what you want on the number plate instead - free of charge.


For an extra NZ$15, you can choose a different car and colour. Simply email me on


All prints are limited to 100 downloads each. Colour variants may be available, however they will also be limited to 100 downloads.


Once the maximum downloads have been reached, the print will be removed from the website.

Limiting the prints this way creates something special for your home, or as a unique gift. It also encourages me to continue creating more art for you to enjoy.


New Zealand made, support local business


    - There will be no physical item delivered, this is a digital download.

    - Once order is received, the colour of the print may appear slightly different. This is due to the difference between the monitor and printer used.

    - This purchase is to be used for personal use only. Not to be re-sold, distributed, edited.