Limited Edition Sexy Car - various options

Limited Edition Sexy Car - various options

Limited edition Sexy Car print

Size: A4, A3, A2

Will be printed on high quality 160gsm paper.

Colour: Pink Cadi, Red GTS, White Stang, Purple GT


Want a different number plate? Just choose your colour and let me know what you want on the number plate instead - free of charge!


For an extra NZ$15, you can choose a different car and colour.  Simply email me on


All physical prints are limited to 100 each. Colour variants may be available, however they will also be limited to 100. You will receive the print and a card stating what number print you have received.


Once the maximum prints have been purchased, the print will be removed from the website.

Limiting the prints this way creates something special for your home, or as a unique gift. It also encourages me to continue creating more art for you to enjoy.


New Zealand made, support local business

  • Sexy cool pop art print

    **Price includes postage within NZ**

    High quality prints that will compliment many home and office decors. Looks great when framed and can make an excellent gift for those who are hard to buy for. Many prints available have connections to New Zealand.

    All prints are 100% New Zealand made by local artist Derek Nicoll.